A Word From Our Borrowers

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“Had it not been for the Greater New Haven Community Loan Fund, we would not have been able to support our efforts to work toward our mission. Waiting an entire quarter before receiving funding from a primary source placed a severe cash flow problem on the agency. The assistance we received from the Greater New Haven Community Loan Fund allowed us to continue our work without disrupting our service to children and families.”Joan B. Jenkins, J.D.,  Executive Director, Children In Placement

“GNHCLF’s lending has assisted us in fulfilling our organization’s mission by allowing us to refinance our building several years ago to re-organize debt and keep our doors open.  Most recently we have been able to take short-term cash flow loans through the Community Loan Fund to assist us in meeting payroll obligations during periods when payment on grants was slow or delayed.” Christopher A. Cole, Executive Director, AIDS/Project New Haven

“The Greater New Haven Community Loan Fund’s lending has provided flexible low interest financing to make the smaller deals work. It is impossible to get financing from a traditional bank to renovate small multifamily unit. The development of a few of these types of buildings in a four block area can change the face of a neighborhood. GNHCLF has helped us do just that.” Elizabeth Torres, Executive Director Bridgeport Neighborhood Trust

“GNHCLF is a true asset to this community.” Rich Votto

“Borrowing from GNHCLF is different than borrowing from a traditional bank because there is much less bureaucracy and much more favorable terms. If you don’t fit into the standard bank loan need, you have difficulty getting financing from a bank but not GNHCLF.”John Bradley, Executive Director, Liberty Community Services

“Having the proper funding has helped me bid larger jobs that I would not normally be able to bid on. It also takes a lot of the stress out of the job since I don’t have to worry about carrying the cost of the job until the customer pays me.” Daniel Sunderland, Owner, Sunderland Electric

“Traditional banks seem less able to understand the plight of non-profits when it comes to doing business. When seeking assistance, we are generally not seeking a loan to purchase something that would be nice to have, we are seeking assistance to address an urgent matter, and time is of the essence.  The GNHCLF understands that need, and has established an appropriate system to address that need.” Joan B. Jenkins, J.D., Executive Director, Children In Placement

“The key difference in borrowing from GNHCLF rather than a traditional bank are the personal relationships and knowing that we are working with another non-profit organization, committed to improving our community.” Christopher A. Cole, Executive Director, AIDS/Project New Haven

“In two instances, Liberty was able to borrow funds from GNHCLF that allowed us to complete or refinance a project. Without the GNHCLF, we may have been stymied on a project and we would have had to redeploy our assets and expend greater funds on interest costs.” John Bradley, Executive Director, Liberty Community Services

“My credit is excellent and I have a strong business that continues to grow and show a profit but for some reason I have never been approved for a line of credit. When I applied I would wait months for an answer and when they finally told me I was denied I was never given a reason. (GNHCLF) gets the job done.” Daniel Sunderland, Owner, Sunderland Electric