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Investments in GNHCLF pay interest to the investor & help us strengthen communities through lending activity. No GNHCLF investor has ever experienced a loss.

How It Works

  • Individuals and organizations invest a minimum of $1,000 for at minimum a one-year term
  • We pool these investments with our other capital to create loans
  • These loans are lent to borrowers with goals aligned with our mission
  • Our investors receive quarterly interest payments along with information on the good that their investment is doing
  • Our borrowers receive the affordable funding they need to make our communities stronger
  • Once an investment period is up, the investor can choose to renew their investment or be repaid
  • Even a small investment in GNHCLF leverages a large return in community development and neighborhood stabilization

Every GNHCLF investor has experienced great satisfaction in knowing that his or her investment has had a positive impact on our community.

Read about our work in Homeward Bound Financial Magazine,

To learn more about investing with us, please email or call Darcy Arcand at 203-789-8690 ext. 127